contemporary dance singapore

Examples of Contemporary Dance

One of the most popular and highly expressive dance forms is the contemporary dance form. The dance form is well known to create a connection between the body and mind with the help of the fluid dance moves by the performers. This form of dance is a mixture of elements from various other dance forms like jazz, modern and the classical ballet. It was first known in the middle of the twentieth century since then it has been growing continuously and at present is one of the most dominating genres for the performance in the entire world. The United States and The United Nations are particularly known for the strong popularity and prevailing popularity of the Contemporary dance here.

How to be an expert in the contemporary dance form?

If you are an excellent dancer and need to sharpen your skills in this dance form as well, you should either opt for the dance classes available nearby or you can take the help of tutorial videos. The dance form is not an easy one to learn as it uses the coordination and involvement of the whole body. You need to be very flexible to excel in it. The dance classes can be of a great use if you are wishing to learn it form the basics, but if already you are a bit familiar with the dance form you can take help from the videos available online for a bit of help and sharpening your old lost skills. The site you follow the guidance should be chosen on the basis of dance reviews available on it from the earlier users. The tutorials can either be free or paid depending on the criteria of perfection and the site it is available on. You can get free videos available on YouTube easily also with a lot of dance reviews available for help.

There are various dance schools around the world teaching you this form of dance with great ease and perfection while focusing on all the minor details and points. These schools and institutions also provide you a formal degree along with the certificate of excellence in the field based on your performance throughout the course. The contemporary dance has some of the similarities to the modern dance form and is inspired by the traditional ballet.

The choreographer mainly makes all the creative decisions about the performances. Dancers are selected on the basis of their skills and the training they have in the particular form of dance.


When it comes to choosing the perfect dance classes for training and improvement of your skills, you should always go for the more experienced trainer or choreographer to learn from. You should check the dance reviews from all the previous students to make sure your investment is made in the right place. Also not to exaggerate yourself or practice excessively as it can harm your health as well as the performance too. To perform perfectly a proper care of your health also must be taken.