$10 Airpod Replica – Worth it?

I wanted to take a look at $10 air Pods everybody has $10 two coffees from Starbucks you know a few apps in the App Store or it could get you a really nice pair of Chinese air paws well replica this is the world’s first replica of the actual air puffs so I want to go ahead and unbox that with you see just what $10 gets you with ear pods I mean it sounds too good to be true but from the same people that brought you a $90 iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy s8 let’s go ahead and take a look at their latest creation the Apple earpods I know this sounds way too good to be true.

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I’m really hoping there’s not just one in the box so it has bluetooth version in here which is a pretty recent it copies the design almost one for one so we’ll take a closer look at that but as we know it’s the air pods are pretty dang good looking I love them they do stick out Adam a year just of little bits but hey you cannot complain for what you get eat all these color choices super cool alright so let’s go ahead and pop it open and there it is so the Apple hvq pod whoa that is chunky very chunky that’s an easy two times thicker 2 times larger in general and it’s got a little button on the side so a little suspicious on how this thing will work what else is in here so how does it charge oh there it is so basically this thing plugs in from the bottom and you plug it in to charge like that so the elegance of charging the air pods by just sliding them in and magnetically connecting them charging them is gone you don’t even have a carrying case for you just have this in a cable you literally have to plug it in every single time so I was kind of afraid of this that they would only ship me one which is exactly why I got another one so technically at this point it’s a $10 ear pod or air pod and to get another one would be $20 for a set so do they even work in sync or you have to listen to what they did copy the bottom though with the chrome although it’s much much thicker and there’s only one speaker output here so I’m very curious to see how it sounds but it’s not too far off I’m going to fit it in my ear in a second here but it’s a little bit chunkier definitely not as bad as the last air pods want to be certainly a huge size difference these not so much you lose a lot of that convenience this one is pretty good so there’s a button to turn it on and a little mini LED there even the original air pods don’t have many LEDs so alright so I’m going to go ahead and charge these up for minutes.

I see how the quality is what does that even mean passing three thousand times human ear test was this thing tested three thousand times before going on sale interesting now I noticed this thing does have a 60 milliamp battery the official air pod only has a forty so this may have a slight advantage in battery life even right so I’m in the process of setting these up after charging them and there is quite a process reading through the instructions which aren’t translated very well first one you got to connect sign it up disconnect to connect the second one disconnect that one connect back to the first one and then it will auto connect back to the second what a process from air pause which you literally tap to your device and connect instantly that’s quite the departure so the convenience factor is completely gone but for a 150 $140 discounts who needs convenience all right I’m going to go ahead and attempt to set these up first and see if both of them will even work what a pain seriously to connect both of these there are essentially different connections on your iPhone but these two sync between each other and have a fight delay on listening to music so it’s not as responsive as air pots but how do these sound quality that’s what I’m really dying to figure out here oh my god I just realized these are both the same side they literally only make it’s for one ear and not the other so they would literally have to be sitting upside down like this if you wanted to listen to them damn but these are very thick that you stay in my ear like you there is just no way to get it to stay in my ear holy crap you have to have some big ears for that to work but okay let’s say it does work and I got them in let’s see how it sounds very noisy gosh very noisy max volume it’s loud but it’s not clear look my gosh it does not want to stay in my ear what can you expect from $10 though totally would not recommend these guys from a pain to connecting them to your phone to just being completely unintuitive but the cool thing about them though is it does have a bike

I just had a call with somebody it does work there’s also shortcuts you can play pause you can actually call somebody back with a double tap which is cool so shortcuts are supported on this guy but anything beyond that is man sound quality though could be better there’s like no bass whatsoever just just sound and seriously this thing does not want to stay in my ear like it just comes out in the zone alright so guys don’t cheap out on air pods sometimes it’s worth the $160 you get a case to carry them around with battery life that just seems to last forever instant pairing with your phone more commands using iOS 11 and you know waterproofing it’s very resistant let’s go ahead and see how you do in water but I’m assuming they don’t do very well so my consensus X point in time is $10 that is better spent on two coffees just so you guys can hear all right so there’s music there I’ll be floats well that probably says a lot about the quality original air pause definitely don’t over there we go start sinking once the ports yeah that’s what he goes down like a rock I so I’m assuming they’re filled with water let me see if they still play anything they’re actually still working interesting they work underwater round two still working actually I am impressed these things are somehow water-resistant for now don’t know how long that will last but still working our guys so here it is the Apple earpods $10 from China.

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