5 Running Tips for Beginners

Running is one of those exercises that at the same time it sounds ridiculously easy, and challenging all at the same time, especially when you first start from. I have walked on and for one few years now and only in the past few months I feel that I have finally unlocked the key to a successful one run. In this video I share five running tips for beginners aka what i wish me knew when i first started running.

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First, let’s talk about gear truth is acceleration is subjective and it could take a little experiment figure what works for you including the gear I am talking about. That being said, the two pieces of equipment that I wish I could be from the very beginning A) a good pair of running shoes and B) my flipbelt. Shoes, such as feet, are available in all different shapes and sizes. Some are built for a high arch, some are built for trails, some are built to mimic the bare foot. You name it, there is a variation running shoe front. That’s why shoes that the work for me might not work for you and vice versa. But having said that, there are are a few things to keep in mind you’re picking out a shoe like you will be performed in it. Can you wiggle? your toes? You should be able to. Is your foot cozy? It should be, but not too tight. Do you have more than pronate or under pronate when you run? If you are unsure about how your feet actually move when you walk, me highly recommend going to a specialty running store in your area to cater for a shoe. It might cost a little more, but they can stick you on one treadmill and actually record how you walk and then they can get you in one shoe that is personalized for you and Your feet.

Alternatively, in the description bar of this video, I have paired a personal shoe quiz where you can figure out what the shoe could work best for you. Let’s talk about the flipbelt. Before I had this thing, I would struggle to find a place for all things I wear when I do. Admittedly, not me really wear a lot, but things like mine keys, my ID and telephone are things that I do like to love me even when i walk. Arm bands were often too small for my Galaxy s7 Edge, Far too expensive, and usually didn’t even have a place for my keys. Very often workout clothes do not come with pockets (WTF sportswear industry) so I am very familiar with the feeling filled with strange objects along mine sports bra as I walked (which, by the way, me not recommended because ouch). after doing a bit of research, I came across the flipbelt, which I ordered almost immediately. It is a belt that you wear when you exercise that has cozy pouches all it has way through it. The bags are large enough for my phone, tight enough to stay my ID and other cards instead, and it even has a lock to hang my keys like me run. It doesn’t slide on my body when I walk, even with my current 10 inch difference between my waist and hips, and I never have lost a point so far, knock on wood. Ordered size small in the aqua color, and I feel like it fits perfect for me. I have linked the flipbelt in the description bar of this video if you want to get one yourself. And I swear this is not a flipbelt commercially, I wish I had one earlier. The second thing I wish I knew when I was first started running is actually over food. It took me forever to figure out what and when to eat before I went on a run.

Do I have to eat a big meal? I have to eat a snack? Don’t I have to eat anything? When should I eat? etc. The truth is just like gear, its kind of subjective. For me personally, I think there are two things that really work, really good for that me. The first is a short, fast run first thing in the morning. When I run without eating anything, I generally can’t go for a very long time, and it pretty much right when I wake up up, otherwise I get extremely light headed and nauseous. But after a fast run in the morning, I actually found that I have quite a bit of energy, and it I feel very productive and ready to take on the day. The second what i found works really well for that I am having a light, carb-rich snack somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes for a run. Usually for me this means one banana or an apple or something of that variety. I found that gives a light snack power a good amount of energy through cardio, but it doesn’t make me nauseous or heavy as a large meal would. The third thing that I wish I knew when I was first started running were some apps use. As a beginner, all of the apps do that are available for you to use really overwhelming, and it’s hard to find out exactly what you will actually end up used. For me personally, there are three apps that I use often that i wish i had the very first start. Keep in mind, I am going to run android, and these apps could be otherwise on iOS and / or better or worse on one platform compared to each other. The first one is called Runtastic.

The truth is, Runtastic is one of the millions tracking apps that tell you your pace, give you a map of where you went, give your audio cue to let you know how much kilometers or miles you have done, how many calories you’ve burned, and so on and so on on. I really enjoy the simple, easy to understand interface and I have Never make mistakes or problems with this special app when I had it things often happen on others tracking apps. The second Layer 5 K. If you want to start running when you have absolutely no running background, this app is for you. This app You basically take you through intervals build up jogging and walking slowly -up your endurance over the course of one couple of weeks. It is very easy to use, very easy to understand, and it is a gift from heaven when you are just starting. The third is Zombies, run! Zombies, run! is a unique app that is in fact an interactive podcast that you listen to when you walk. The idea behind it is that there is one zombie apocalypse that takes place, and you are one of the runners for a small one township trying to stay protected against the hurdle, and you must collecting virtual items for the municipality when you walk. In short, you are running out of it zombies. It is a fun app that runs run in a real-life game that you are trying to win instead of a chore that you should. The last two things that I wish I knew when I was was first starting running type go hand in hand, and they are pace and motivation. When you start running for the first time, it’s real easy to jump the gun and start walking at an above-average pace, especially when You may not be familiar with what are your own personal average pace. But after one few streets, if you run too fast, you feel that burning in your lungs, your heart racing in an uncomfortable way, and You will feel impossible to catch breath. Then you will slow down, stop, try breathe, and feel so frustrated yourself and reports because you thought you were stronger than those. If I could go back and tell myself one thing, it would be to slow down. Notice how fast you move when you walking a brisk walk, how easy it is to have a conversation. Very slowly, increase your pace to the lightest of jogs and get comfortable with your body moving at that pace. To breathe. Instead of trying to go at lightning speed, try focus on how far you can go instead.

And the hardest part about running isn’t even your leg giving up, or the sweat Bake down your face, or your earbuds popping in the middle of it all; It’s your body telling you to stop, and that it is too difficult. My trick around this is over say to myself “Oh, I’ll just take a break the end of this song. “and then it song has ended, i will say to myself: “oh, i can make it up to that light pole up. “and then when I’m there, “Oh, let’s just get it around the corner from the first block, and then we will take a break. ” The truth is, my body always tells me I can’t do it, and every time i try my hardest to tell it is wrong. Sometimes it’s not work, and that’s good too. At the end of the day when i’m done with a run, it doesn’t matter how far I went or how it goes, I feel proud of myself because i am proved that I could get up and move. At the end of the day, running, for me, is the embodiment of me to tell my body who’s in charge.

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