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How to Style ANKLE BOOTS and JEANS

First off, let’s talk about some cuffed jeans.

Are your jeans just a little bit too long? Do they look a little funky and are not cooperating? A quick cuff can get your jeans looking super tailored and also lay your ankle boots shine at the same time. Grab the bottom hem of your jeans and flip it back up until you see about a one to two inch sliver of skin in between the top of the ankle bootie and the bottom of the Jean. What this is doing is providing a visual break between the denim and your ankle bootie. It’s defining the nip in your ankle, providing a nice slimming effect from the front and also the side profile. And for the size of the cuff, I’d keep it at around 3 inches max. Another thing to think about is the actual color on the underside of the jeans. Sometimes it’s lighter, giving it a really contrasting look. If you have a dark rinse blue jeans and black jeans and the color is exactly the same, so the cuff no matter how large it is it still it’s pretty subtle because it’s the same color on color.

Style number two is a rolled hem.

This one’s got two rolls fold your hem back once and then do it a second time and I still keep that one to two inches of skin showing. It’s also really great if you have a really high boot shaft and you need to lift up your jeans to clear the top of the boot and also gives a cleaner look to the cuff. If you have a raw hem with lots of loose threads, cuffing it a second time hides a lot of that raw edging and the double roll gives you a firmer seal on the cuff. The cuff itself on this one I recommend going a little bit smaller with the height just because you have so much excess fabric you don’t want to look too chunky so I say around one to two inches would be a good average to shoot for.

Option number three: If you’re not into the cuffed look, I highly recommend trying and ankle length or a cropped skinny jean.

I look for jeans that are around two to three inches shorter than my normal in-seam length and it makes it so convenient because I could just throw on the jeans and my ankle booties and I am ready to go. It gives a very seamless look because you don’t have that cuff at the bottom. I also find it easier to interchange my one pair of jeans with a lot of different ankle booties because I don’t have to keep adjusting the cuff every single time. If you have a hard time finding your perfect pair, taking with your older pair of jeans to the tailor to get them professionally hemmed will give your jeans a whole new purpose and a completely new look.

Number four, let’s talk about some cropped and more straight leg types of jeans.

I really love this silhouette. It gives me a break from my skinny jeans and it also lends for a really cool edgy effect when paired with ankle boots. I do have a specific aesthetic that I do like with this type of jean. I do like a svelter look, something like a sock bootie, something that’s very tight and chokes up higher on the lay with a higher boot shaft. It’s okay to not show any skin. Defining your ankle it is the most important thing and you’re achieving that through the contrast of the wider jean leg compared to the really skin tight fitting soft bootie. Not only are these jeans croc but they also have shredded helms, a really cute street style look and I actually apply the same concept with other pairs of pants. If you guys are going to do this style I definitely recommend you experimenting with some fun edgy booties. I’m very plain and simple with mine but you can do like a really cool patent red or pattern for a really cool statement look.

Number 5: I love a pair of flared jeans.

Flared jeans are so leg lengthening and the higher the waist the longer you look. The key thing with flared jeans is I always, always, always wear them with a pointy toed high heeled shoe. I normally rock it with a high heel pump because I’m 5‘2 and it always need that extra lift up to make sure that my jeans aren’t dragging all over the ground but during the fall and winter time it’s also really great because I can rock my pointy toed high heel boots to get some extra warmth coverage underneath those jeans and I still get that same great leg lengthening illusion. My key tip is to make sure to see a little bit of that triangular peak of the shoe so that you don’t look so up and down like a floating Cacturne. I also appreciate these boots because they have a chunkier heel so that they are more comfortable than like typical stiletto pump and of course if you’re taller you don’t need such an extreme high heel of a shoe to get the jeans off the ground. You can do something that’s a lot lower like a kitten heel but with the same pointy toe silhouette.

Number 6 let’s talk about the good old fashioned tuck – tucked jeans.

Tuck in your jeans inside your ankle booties. It’s obviously one of the easiest ways to handle your denim hems but there are some quick tips to help you really finesse the process and I know a lot of people say not to do that but I want to at least share a few personal tips in case you guys do you want to try it.

First I highly recommend sticking with a skinnier leg jeans, something that’s form-fitting or at least tapers in from the knee downward. You want to minimize any extra fabric because it’d be so hard to shove all that extra denim into the ankle bootie itself. It’s going to budge every time you walk so you want to keep this as like streamline as possible. You also don’t to lose a definition of the legs so I highly recommend a skinny jean for this pairing with a boot with a higher fitted boot shaft just so that the line of demarcation between the Jean and the actual shoe isn’t like shoop right there at the ankles it makes the proportion of shoe versus denim a little less severe.

Let’s go into our final tip: go and matchy-matchy monochromatic with your denim and ankle bootie pairing.

 My favorite is the black on black. You got some sleek black pair of jeans with some awesome black booties and it looks so polished and professional enough for the office are also just like really cool. 

Let’s break this down black on black on black is obviously a really great foolproof power combo. It hides a lot and you also get the lengthening benefits of having that continuous color running from your neck all the way down to the tippy toes of your shoes. The classic Chelsea style boot got the trademark elasticized side panels to give you guys that nice sucked and form-fitting feel and you also have a very elongated pointed toe to give you that visual length and kind of just stretch you out. When wearing a low heel bootie, I do prefer at least a slight almond toe just to give you that extra length in the front. It provides more visual balance compared to the leg and thigh. For business casual outfit, the boots really elevate the whole look and you also get the added comfort of a low heel that you can walk around in all day long. Solid black jeans with some classic black Chelsea booties as a combo, I’ll definitely rocking well into my 30s.

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