Buying Live Edge Wood Tables

Live edge tables are soothing to eyes if they are well designed and created using the correct techniques. But when you get one and if it looked as your plans you are bound to get a lot of compliments for it. Each time any friend or relative comes to your house he or she will not be able to take her eyes from the beauty of the table. If you found a great one really you are blessed as there is always a great amount of luck needed to get a superb piece of live edge wood tables.

The first thing you need to while buying is to check the size and shape of the table. See that if it matches with your requirements perfectly or you need some more. Normally people tend to choose the rectangular size more but as I said it differs according to requirements. Now the size must be taken care of. If you are not certain about the size you will buy a bigger or smaller table which will not be suitable for the look of your house. Usually, people take the size of the lumber as 2 to 3 inches so that it can be fit and easy to deliver by the lumber dealers of your liking.

wood table

There are different kinds of lumbers so you have to choose wisely from them.

  • Burl Round – It is very rare to find. They have tremendous patterns as they are unpredictable part of the tree and so unpredictability can be seen in the designs and patterns of wood. They are very expensive due to their rareness.
  • Tree Round – It is a round piece of wood from the trunk of the tree. The shape will completely depend on the shape of the tree.
  • Tree Slab – It is a slice of the log of the tree which has very rough edges. This type is used a lot as it fills a larger part of space and comes in your required shape too.

Now if you find the correct shape and size don’t waste time in buying as it is very hard to find your actual requirement. Now if you got the proper size the next you want after buying it is the best finishing for your tabletop.

  • Curing of the Lumber – If the wood is cut recently it must be kiln and dried properly before the sealing as it can cause problems later. It can shrink with time and can crack also which is not good for your good-looking table. The best wood will be the naturally dried one.
  • Filling the Holes – If there are large holes or gaps, it can be filled by epoxy but if the hole is all the way through the wood, then you must use a duct tape in the bottom before pouring epoxy.
  • Edge Smoothing – Smoothing is necessary as a lot of people don’t like that rough look. It can be done by chisel or sandpaper though. Don’t forget to check the smoothing before buying.
  • Sealing – Polyurethane is usually used for the finish of this kind of tables. There are alternative methods too like wax or tung oil. Before sealing don’t forget to whitewash the limber as wood will darken over time.

There are a lot of types when you are going to choose a Table Base. I usually prefer the Hairpin Legs but you can choose according to your budget. There are various types of them like Tulip Base, Hairpin Legs, X Frame, Café Style Pedestal, Industrial Metal Legs, Steel Spider Base, etc.

There are three types of curves which can be seen a lot and are dashing to look when planted in your house those are River Run, Tide pool, and Puddle. You can choose from literally 100’s of these designs which suit you and your house.

At last, I must say that if you are going to buy one you will be very proud of yourself when you see others watching at your table with complete awe and wonder. Nowadays glass is also being used as an addition to the beauty of the table. All love trees and their beauty but if their beauty enhances the beauty of your house then it is worth watching. Check out Wood Capitol Live Edge Furniture in Singapore.