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Have the ideal posture and reap instantaneous self-self assurance understanding that you simply appear fine with this Posture Corrector! It is a shape wear that ensures your remedy from morning till night time. Its ergonomic engineering assures that you’re going to in no way undergo from ache and irritation when the straps go scratching in opposition to your epidermis. Additionally it is padded for your utmost relief in the course of the day.

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It is vitally effortless to wear and that you may even put it on and modify it to suit your physique flawlessly without any the aid of a different person. It’s common perfect for individuals of different measurement and form exceptionally for teens with posture disorders. Enhance the common great thing about your face with the 7 colours LED Face masks! It makes use of nothing greater than ordinary light waves so you do not need to worry about dangerous, long-time period side results. The LED transmits these light waves into your facial epidermis so you can have clearer, softer, and mostly more healthy facial epidermis very quickly. Each and every of the 7 colours of this Face mask brings you an extra benefit so that you get 7 advantages in all in favour of the fee of 1! It stops melanin pigmentation so your face appears ultimate and capable for the digital camera and even personal shut-up invariably! Your body does not operate good when its no longer at its quality situation. Which you could along with your spinal cord! Take care of your spinal wire with this neck hammock and you’ll suppose the change as it improves your blood circulation, your muscular health, and your shoulder and neck mobility. It additionally helps eliminate pains in distinct constituents of your body.

For just a few minutes a day, you will store your again as good as your neck from pains and pain from coaching, from long travels, from a entire day of rough work, and from an excessive amount of pressure on designated constituents of your physique. It is highly moveable so that you could have the remedy that you simply want whenever, anywhere! Shield your iPhone in type with this reflect mobile Case! It’s constituted of excessive great, delicate fabric which protects it with out dangerous or scratching your phone. However, although it’s made out of soft material, it is tremendously durable so it continues your telephone safe from bumps and falls. It is also slim so you continue to hold the thinness that you just love most about your iPhone. It’s the ultimate mixture of cuteness and glamor and it’s a invaluable investment because it saves you from having to pay for restore or even having to purchase a new phone! Wi-fi and superfast, this vehicle Charger Cup is the ideal partner when youre on the road! Its modern and glossy design speaks volumes of your experience of kind.

It appears just like a elegant cup which ensures handy and effective charging so nothing cuts your connection to the men and women you like and to the world regardless of how long your force is also. It is alternatively effortless to use, with a hallmark that lights up as your telephone bills. With high grade substances, it is engineered to withstand the damage and tear of everyday use so its superb for everybody, primarily for busy people like you! You are going to not ever miss out on anything again whether it’s for industry or for pleasure.

You are going to keep linked at all times with this water-resistant sunlight power financial institution. This is the perfect associate for outdoor events like camping and hiking and for lengthy travel like avenue shuttle of vacations in a some distance-off land. Given that it is water resistant, that you would be able to take it with you in islands, to the beach, and interact in water pursuits without having to worry that it could get wet. It’s portable and very light-weight so which you can carry it with you wherever you go without worry or inconvenience. It really works like a common charger, making it flawlessly compatible with many distinct forms of cell telephones – both Apple and Android. It ensures your utmost comfort because it automatically starts and prevents charging the second you set or take your cell by way of its infrared science. You don’t must worry about it considering the fact that it has a built-in fan to make certain that your telephone and its battery are safe from overheating.

This fan additionally ensures power conversion effectivity. Its suction cup keeps your mobilephone secured and steady in its position so it’s best for journeying and undertaking outdoor hobbies. It’s consistently clever to speculate on objects in an effort to safeguard your wellbeing and security identical to this Mosquito LED Lamp. It can hold a whole room mosquito-free so you don’t ought to fear concerning the itch, affliction, inconvenience, and even the life-threatening ailments that mosquitoes carry. It lures the mosquito into the gadget and maintains them trapped in the tray, far from you and your adored ones. It’s not poisonous so you don’t ought to fear concerning the children. It additionally does not have any robust odor so which you can experience trouble-free safety each time, anywhere! Females have their targeted wishes however this female Urination device has your wants blanketed.

It makes it possible for you to pee without difficulty and readily standing up so no need to fear about dirt and even insect bites. You additionally do not must sit on bathrooms in restaurants, bars, airports, and different public locations. As a consequence, it keeps you safe from exclusive types of contagious ailments. You also do not have got to worry about spilling pee since it suits towards your physique perfectly. It’s also ultra-light-weight and extremely moveable so you can with ease retailer it on your bag or purse, equipped to make use of each time! With cool and enjoyable designs, this chrome steel journey coffee Cup maintains your drinks scorching or cold for hours at the same time you might be on-the-go. Made of top grade stainless steel and effective insulation, your drink is continually at the superb temperature on this coffee cup. Its lids keep the content of your coffee cup tightly sealed so your drink not ever loses its freshness and flavour. With the chrome steel travel coffee Cup, that you can safely revel in and savour every sip of your favourite drink.

It looks sleek so that you can drink your espresso in type! It is also a excellent present for coffee enthusiasts! Probably the most greatest inconveniences to busy persons is getting your shirt wet. It approach that you would have got to exchange and that might take up so much of your beneficial time particularly when you would not have a recent shirt with you.

It appears like all traditional t-shirt however that you would be able to by no means explain the joy of seeing sauces, mustard, juices, and just about any form of liquid simply slip on it. It is made from pure polyester so it is highly durable but cozy. It works similar to a lotus leaf, preserving your body secure and protected from getting moist. It is very major to take good care of your tooth and the Black teeth Whitening Powder makes it effortless for you! It has a myriad of trace minerals as a way to preserve your enamel healthy and at their great condition. It is tremendously efficient but very smooth in your tooth and gums.

It is clean so you do not ought to worry about having unhealthy breath. It tastes excellent so you are going to by no means have a clue that its materials are earthen clays, principal oils, and aluminium-free baking soda. Each and every bathtub is excellent for one-month use so it offers you more value to your cash! While you want safeguard towards the rain, the final factor that you simply need is the wind blowing strongly against your umbrella and hazardous it or absolutely destroying it. Because of this the Reverse Umbrella is the satisfactory protection you could get from extreme weather conditions. It is going to not permit you to down and it’s assured to defend you from the rain when you consider that of its genius engineering. In addition to its efficiency and durability, it comes in different colours and funky design, adding a dash of cheer to a gray surroundings of a wet day. It keeps you dry and stylish at any place you go, anything the weather is like! This Strapless Push-up Bra is self-adhesive so you by no means have got to fear about wardrobe malfunctions regardless of how revealing your outfit is. Its drawstring frontal closure offers your breasts an immediate lift and deep cleavages so as to immediately make you seem sexier as a consequence giving you more self-self belief! It immediately makes your breasts look less assailable and fuller.

It is lightweight and enormously breathable so you’ll think cool and comfortable even when you put on this for hours and even for the entire day and entire night time. It is epidermis-friendly so you don’t have to fear about allergic reactions and infection even if in case you have touchy skin.

Keep your condo and typically the whole thing in it neat and easy with this Xiaomi handheld Vaccum Cleaner! It’s a common cleaning tool that you should use on nearly whatever including your cars interior and your computer among many others. It is tender so that you keep comfortable as you employ it in cleaning and it is most likely convenient to make use of. It successfully picks up dust so cleansing up is without doubt effortless. It absorbs the dust so you don’t have to fear about getting your arms soiled. It cleans with out leaving any trace of residue and it might probably even disinfect so you are protected from distinctive varieties of ailments.




$10 Airpod Replica – Worth it?

I wanted to take a look at $10 air Pods everybody has $10 two coffees from Starbucks you know a few apps in the App Store or it could get you a really nice pair of Chinese air paws well replica this is the world’s first replica of the actual air puffs so I want to go ahead and unbox that with you see just what $10 gets you with ear pods I mean it sounds too good to be true but from the same people that brought you a $90 iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy s8 let’s go ahead and take a look at their latest creation the Apple earpods I know this sounds way too good to be true.

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I’m really hoping there’s not just one in the box so it has bluetooth version in here which is a pretty recent it copies the design almost one for one so we’ll take a closer look at that but as we know it’s the air pods are pretty dang good looking I love them they do stick out Adam a year just of little bits but hey you cannot complain for what you get eat all these color choices super cool alright so let’s go ahead and pop it open and there it is so the Apple hvq pod whoa that is chunky very chunky that’s an easy two times thicker 2 times larger in general and it’s got a little button on the side so a little suspicious on how this thing will work what else is in here so how does it charge oh there it is so basically this thing plugs in from the bottom and you plug it in to charge like that so the elegance of charging the air pods by just sliding them in and magnetically connecting them charging them is gone you don’t even have a carrying case for you just have this in a cable you literally have to plug it in every single time so I was kind of afraid of this that they would only ship me one which is exactly why I got another one so technically at this point it’s a $10 ear pod or air pod and to get another one would be $20 for a set so do they even work in sync or you have to listen to what they did copy the bottom though with the chrome although it’s much much thicker and there’s only one speaker output here so I’m very curious to see how it sounds but it’s not too far off I’m going to fit it in my ear in a second here but it’s a little bit chunkier definitely not as bad as the last air pods want to be certainly a huge size difference these not so much you lose a lot of that convenience this one is pretty good so there’s a button to turn it on and a little mini LED there even the original air pods don’t have many LEDs so alright so I’m going to go ahead and charge these up for minutes.

I see how the quality is what does that even mean passing three thousand times human ear test was this thing tested three thousand times before going on sale interesting now I noticed this thing does have a 60 milliamp battery the official air pod only has a forty so this may have a slight advantage in battery life even right so I’m in the process of setting these up after charging them and there is quite a process reading through the instructions which aren’t translated very well first one you got to connect sign it up disconnect to connect the second one disconnect that one connect back to the first one and then it will auto connect back to the second what a process from air pause which you literally tap to your device and connect instantly that’s quite the departure so the convenience factor is completely gone but for a 150 $140 discounts who needs convenience all right I’m going to go ahead and attempt to set these up first and see if both of them will even work what a pain seriously to connect both of these there are essentially different connections on your iPhone but these two sync between each other and have a fight delay on listening to music so it’s not as responsive as air pots but how do these sound quality that’s what I’m really dying to figure out here oh my god I just realized these are both the same side they literally only make it’s for one ear and not the other so they would literally have to be sitting upside down like this if you wanted to listen to them damn but these are very thick that you stay in my ear like you there is just no way to get it to stay in my ear holy crap you have to have some big ears for that to work but okay let’s say it does work and I got them in let’s see how it sounds very noisy gosh very noisy max volume it’s loud but it’s not clear look my gosh it does not want to stay in my ear what can you expect from $10 though totally would not recommend these guys from a pain to connecting them to your phone to just being completely unintuitive but the cool thing about them though is it does have a bike

I just had a call with somebody it does work there’s also shortcuts you can play pause you can actually call somebody back with a double tap which is cool so shortcuts are supported on this guy but anything beyond that is man sound quality though could be better there’s like no bass whatsoever just just sound and seriously this thing does not want to stay in my ear like it just comes out in the zone alright so guys don’t cheap out on air pods sometimes it’s worth the $160 you get a case to carry them around with battery life that just seems to last forever instant pairing with your phone more commands using iOS 11 and you know waterproofing it’s very resistant let’s go ahead and see how you do in water but I’m assuming they don’t do very well so my consensus X point in time is $10 that is better spent on two coffees just so you guys can hear all right so there’s music there I’ll be floats well that probably says a lot about the quality original air pause definitely don’t over there we go start sinking once the ports yeah that’s what he goes down like a rock I so I’m assuming they’re filled with water let me see if they still play anything they’re actually still working interesting they work underwater round two still working actually I am impressed these things are somehow water-resistant for now don’t know how long that will last but still working our guys so here it is the Apple earpods $10 from China.

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5 Running Tips for Beginners

Running is one of those exercises that at the same time it sounds ridiculously easy, and challenging all at the same time, especially when you first start from. I have walked on and for one few years now and only in the past few months I feel that I have finally unlocked the key to a successful one run. In this video I share five running tips for beginners aka what i wish me knew when i first started running.

Cheap Running Shoes to buy in Singapore

First, let’s talk about gear truth is acceleration is subjective and it could take a little experiment figure what works for you including the gear I am talking about. That being said, the two pieces of equipment that I wish I could be from the very beginning A) a good pair of running shoes and B) my flipbelt. Shoes, such as feet, are available in all different shapes and sizes. Some are built for a high arch, some are built for trails, some are built to mimic the bare foot. You name it, there is a variation running shoe front. That’s why shoes that the work for me might not work for you and vice versa. But having said that, there are are a few things to keep in mind you’re picking out a shoe like you will be performed in it. Can you wiggle? your toes? You should be able to. Is your foot cozy? It should be, but not too tight. Do you have more than pronate or under pronate when you run? If you are unsure about how your feet actually move when you walk, me highly recommend going to a specialty running store in your area to cater for a shoe. It might cost a little more, but they can stick you on one treadmill and actually record how you walk and then they can get you in one shoe that is personalized for you and Your feet.

Alternatively, in the description bar of this video, I have paired a personal shoe quiz where you can figure out what the shoe could work best for you. Let’s talk about the flipbelt. Before I had this thing, I would struggle to find a place for all things I wear when I do. Admittedly, not me really wear a lot, but things like mine keys, my ID and telephone are things that I do like to love me even when i walk. Arm bands were often too small for my Galaxy s7 Edge, Far too expensive, and usually didn’t even have a place for my keys. Very often workout clothes do not come with pockets (WTF sportswear industry) so I am very familiar with the feeling filled with strange objects along mine sports bra as I walked (which, by the way, me not recommended because ouch). after doing a bit of research, I came across the flipbelt, which I ordered almost immediately. It is a belt that you wear when you exercise that has cozy pouches all it has way through it. The bags are large enough for my phone, tight enough to stay my ID and other cards instead, and it even has a lock to hang my keys like me run. It doesn’t slide on my body when I walk, even with my current 10 inch difference between my waist and hips, and I never have lost a point so far, knock on wood. Ordered size small in the aqua color, and I feel like it fits perfect for me. I have linked the flipbelt in the description bar of this video if you want to get one yourself. And I swear this is not a flipbelt commercially, I wish I had one earlier. The second thing I wish I knew when I was first started running is actually over food. It took me forever to figure out what and when to eat before I went on a run.

Do I have to eat a big meal? I have to eat a snack? Don’t I have to eat anything? When should I eat? etc. The truth is just like gear, its kind of subjective. For me personally, I think there are two things that really work, really good for that me. The first is a short, fast run first thing in the morning. When I run without eating anything, I generally can’t go for a very long time, and it pretty much right when I wake up up, otherwise I get extremely light headed and nauseous. But after a fast run in the morning, I actually found that I have quite a bit of energy, and it I feel very productive and ready to take on the day. The second what i found works really well for that I am having a light, carb-rich snack somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes for a run. Usually for me this means one banana or an apple or something of that variety. I found that gives a light snack power a good amount of energy through cardio, but it doesn’t make me nauseous or heavy as a large meal would. The third thing that I wish I knew when I was first started running were some apps use. As a beginner, all of the apps do that are available for you to use really overwhelming, and it’s hard to find out exactly what you will actually end up used. For me personally, there are three apps that I use often that i wish i had the very first start. Keep in mind, I am going to run android, and these apps could be otherwise on iOS and / or better or worse on one platform compared to each other. The first one is called Runtastic.

The truth is, Runtastic is one of the millions tracking apps that tell you your pace, give you a map of where you went, give your audio cue to let you know how much kilometers or miles you have done, how many calories you’ve burned, and so on and so on on. I really enjoy the simple, easy to understand interface and I have Never make mistakes or problems with this special app when I had it things often happen on others tracking apps. The second Layer 5 K. If you want to start running when you have absolutely no running background, this app is for you. This app You basically take you through intervals build up jogging and walking slowly -up your endurance over the course of one couple of weeks. It is very easy to use, very easy to understand, and it is a gift from heaven when you are just starting. The third is Zombies, run! Zombies, run! is a unique app that is in fact an interactive podcast that you listen to when you walk. The idea behind it is that there is one zombie apocalypse that takes place, and you are one of the runners for a small one township trying to stay protected against the hurdle, and you must collecting virtual items for the municipality when you walk. In short, you are running out of it zombies. It is a fun app that runs run in a real-life game that you are trying to win instead of a chore that you should. The last two things that I wish I knew when I was was first starting running type go hand in hand, and they are pace and motivation. When you start running for the first time, it’s real easy to jump the gun and start walking at an above-average pace, especially when You may not be familiar with what are your own personal average pace. But after one few streets, if you run too fast, you feel that burning in your lungs, your heart racing in an uncomfortable way, and You will feel impossible to catch breath. Then you will slow down, stop, try breathe, and feel so frustrated yourself and reports because you thought you were stronger than those. If I could go back and tell myself one thing, it would be to slow down. Notice how fast you move when you walking a brisk walk, how easy it is to have a conversation. Very slowly, increase your pace to the lightest of jogs and get comfortable with your body moving at that pace. To breathe. Instead of trying to go at lightning speed, try focus on how far you can go instead.

And the hardest part about running isn’t even your leg giving up, or the sweat Bake down your face, or your earbuds popping in the middle of it all; It’s your body telling you to stop, and that it is too difficult. My trick around this is over say to myself “Oh, I’ll just take a break the end of this song. “and then it song has ended, i will say to myself: “oh, i can make it up to that light pole up. “and then when I’m there, “Oh, let’s just get it around the corner from the first block, and then we will take a break. ” The truth is, my body always tells me I can’t do it, and every time i try my hardest to tell it is wrong. Sometimes it’s not work, and that’s good too. At the end of the day when i’m done with a run, it doesn’t matter how far I went or how it goes, I feel proud of myself because i am proved that I could get up and move. At the end of the day, running, for me, is the embodiment of me to tell my body who’s in charge.

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How to Style ANKLE BOOTS and JEANS

First off, let’s talk about some cuffed jeans.

Are your jeans just a little bit too long? Do they look a little funky and are not cooperating? A quick cuff can get your jeans looking super tailored and also lay your ankle boots shine at the same time. Grab the bottom hem of your jeans and flip it back up until you see about a one to two inch sliver of skin in between the top of the ankle bootie and the bottom of the Jean. What this is doing is providing a visual break between the denim and your ankle bootie. It’s defining the nip in your ankle, providing a nice slimming effect from the front and also the side profile. And for the size of the cuff, I’d keep it at around 3 inches max. Another thing to think about is the actual color on the underside of the jeans. Sometimes it’s lighter, giving it a really contrasting look. If you have a dark rinse blue jeans and black jeans and the color is exactly the same, so the cuff no matter how large it is it still it’s pretty subtle because it’s the same color on color.

Style number two is a rolled hem.

This one’s got two rolls fold your hem back once and then do it a second time and I still keep that one to two inches of skin showing. It’s also really great if you have a really high boot shaft and you need to lift up your jeans to clear the top of the boot and also gives a cleaner look to the cuff. If you have a raw hem with lots of loose threads, cuffing it a second time hides a lot of that raw edging and the double roll gives you a firmer seal on the cuff. The cuff itself on this one I recommend going a little bit smaller with the height just because you have so much excess fabric you don’t want to look too chunky so I say around one to two inches would be a good average to shoot for.

Option number three: If you’re not into the cuffed look, I highly recommend trying and ankle length or a cropped skinny jean.

I look for jeans that are around two to three inches shorter than my normal in-seam length and it makes it so convenient because I could just throw on the jeans and my ankle booties and I am ready to go. It gives a very seamless look because you don’t have that cuff at the bottom. I also find it easier to interchange my one pair of jeans with a lot of different ankle booties because I don’t have to keep adjusting the cuff every single time. If you have a hard time finding your perfect pair, taking with your older pair of jeans to the tailor to get them professionally hemmed will give your jeans a whole new purpose and a completely new look.

Number four, let’s talk about some cropped and more straight leg types of jeans.

I really love this silhouette. It gives me a break from my skinny jeans and it also lends for a really cool edgy effect when paired with ankle boots. I do have a specific aesthetic that I do like with this type of jean. I do like a svelter look, something like a sock bootie, something that’s very tight and chokes up higher on the lay with a higher boot shaft. It’s okay to not show any skin. Defining your ankle it is the most important thing and you’re achieving that through the contrast of the wider jean leg compared to the really skin tight fitting soft bootie. Not only are these jeans croc but they also have shredded helms, a really cute street style look and I actually apply the same concept with other pairs of pants. If you guys are going to do this style I definitely recommend you experimenting with some fun edgy booties. I’m very plain and simple with mine but you can do like a really cool patent red or pattern for a really cool statement look.

Number 5: I love a pair of flared jeans.

Flared jeans are so leg lengthening and the higher the waist the longer you look. The key thing with flared jeans is I always, always, always wear them with a pointy toed high heeled shoe. I normally rock it with a high heel pump because I’m 5‘2 and it always need that extra lift up to make sure that my jeans aren’t dragging all over the ground but during the fall and winter time it’s also really great because I can rock my pointy toed high heel boots to get some extra warmth coverage underneath those jeans and I still get that same great leg lengthening illusion. My key tip is to make sure to see a little bit of that triangular peak of the shoe so that you don’t look so up and down like a floating Cacturne. I also appreciate these boots because they have a chunkier heel so that they are more comfortable than like typical stiletto pump and of course if you’re taller you don’t need such an extreme high heel of a shoe to get the jeans off the ground. You can do something that’s a lot lower like a kitten heel but with the same pointy toe silhouette.

Number 6 let’s talk about the good old fashioned tuck – tucked jeans.

Tuck in your jeans inside your ankle booties. It’s obviously one of the easiest ways to handle your denim hems but there are some quick tips to help you really finesse the process and I know a lot of people say not to do that but I want to at least share a few personal tips in case you guys do you want to try it.

First I highly recommend sticking with a skinnier leg jeans, something that’s form-fitting or at least tapers in from the knee downward. You want to minimize any extra fabric because it’d be so hard to shove all that extra denim into the ankle bootie itself. It’s going to budge every time you walk so you want to keep this as like streamline as possible. You also don’t to lose a definition of the legs so I highly recommend a skinny jean for this pairing with a boot with a higher fitted boot shaft just so that the line of demarcation between the Jean and the actual shoe isn’t like shoop right there at the ankles it makes the proportion of shoe versus denim a little less severe.

Let’s go into our final tip: go and matchy-matchy monochromatic with your denim and ankle bootie pairing.

 My favorite is the black on black. You got some sleek black pair of jeans with some awesome black booties and it looks so polished and professional enough for the office are also just like really cool. 

Let’s break this down black on black on black is obviously a really great foolproof power combo. It hides a lot and you also get the lengthening benefits of having that continuous color running from your neck all the way down to the tippy toes of your shoes. The classic Chelsea style boot got the trademark elasticized side panels to give you guys that nice sucked and form-fitting feel and you also have a very elongated pointed toe to give you that visual length and kind of just stretch you out. When wearing a low heel bootie, I do prefer at least a slight almond toe just to give you that extra length in the front. It provides more visual balance compared to the leg and thigh. For business casual outfit, the boots really elevate the whole look and you also get the added comfort of a low heel that you can walk around in all day long. Solid black jeans with some classic black Chelsea booties as a combo, I’ll definitely rocking well into my 30s.

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Terms you need to know when buying products on Aliexpress

Aliexpress is the retail e-commerce arm of Alibaba and one of the best e-commerce sites in the world with a wide variety of products.

Best Products to shop on Aliexpress

So what are the different statuses of an Aliexpress Order?

order page aliexpress

In the image above we’ve marked the important aspects of an Aliexpress Order.

After Signing in, you can check out my orders. And in your orders section you can see

  • Order Number

Entering your order number, you will be able to find out the status of your product

  • Tracking Number

Entering the tracking number you will be able to find out the shipment status of your product.

The next is to check the status of your products. If you click on the status dropdown, you can see the following options.

frozen order aliexpress

Awaiting Payment

This is when the order has been placed, but the amount hasn’t been paid yet.

Awaiting Cancellation

This is when the buyer asks the seller to cancel the order

Awaiting Shipment

Order that has been paid for, but waiting for it to be shipped

Partial Shipment

Sometimes products are shipped from the factory to the seller and to you. So when the product has been shipped from the factory to the seller then it is a partial shipment.

Awaiting Delivery

The customer’s order has been shipped, and is on the way

Pending Operation Success

This is right before the order being completed and after delivery.

Order Completed

An order that has been completed successfully.

Dispute orders

When you start a dispute on an order.

Payment not yet confirmed

This is after payment has been made and Aliexpress is waiting for the confirmation of the money received.

Payment being verified

This is when Aliexpress is checking if your payment is legitimate or not

Frozen Order

The Frozen Order is what we are talking about in this article and why an order might be frozen.

Reason 1 :

The Seller is being investigated by the Aliexpress team for partaking in unsafe activities on the store in terms of selling.

Reason 2:

For a brief period where the customer’s payment is being verified, the order maybe frozen.

Reason 3:

When a dispute is raised by you and the Aliexpress team is in the process of correcting the problem, they will freeze the order. At this point they won’t pay the seller till the problem is resolved.

Reason 4:

When Aliexpress is in the process of closing a seller’s store or account then the orders are frozen. If the store has been permanently or closed for a brief time, all the orders in the frozen status will be refunded to the customers.

Aliexpress takes a lot of responsibility and have built a system which is fool proof and that protects both the buyer and seller from fraud. Aliexpress is one of the few e-commerce companies that have a wide range of statuses that cover every situation. This is why they have been successful as an international e-commerce company.

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The All NEW AirPods 2 Review

Today we’re checking out the brand new Air Pods 2 that just came out. Now, they’re not technically calling these the Air Pods 2, they are calling them Air Pods, Wireless Charging Case. Granted, these are the second edition of the Air Pods, since they first were announced a few years ago. And it’s interesting because I don’t think I ever expected to like these as much as I have liked them.

So there’s now three versions of Air Pods that you can buy. This is the Air Pods with the wireless charging case and these are 199. You can get just regular Air Pods without a charging case for 159, or if you just wanna use your old Air Pods and just buy a wireless charging case, you can get that for 79 bucks. So really, there’s three different options for you. But today, we’re gonna be checking out the new Air Pods with the wireless charging case. Let’s open it up. It’s so nice to have a drawer over here now. I can just kinda get my things. I went with a green light today. That is an ode to the green LED charging light that they have on the front of the Air Pods now.

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They actually moved that light from the inside here to the front of the case. Which you’ll see here soon. This is really exciting. The one thing I will note is the Air Pods do kind of get really disgusting after a while, traveling and just ear goodness. And if you’re gonna tell me that your Air Pods are perfectly clean looking, whatever, you’re a mutant because I don’t believe it. First thing we have is, we’ve got our little booklet here. Air Pods. Some paperwork. I wonder if there’s a picture of AirPower in here anywhere. Too soon? No, it’s actually too late. ♪ Too late for the jive ♪ ♪ It’s too late ♪ So here they are. You can see the light that they moved to the front. When I first open, the little light is searching for my phone. Okay, where the heck is my phone? Much like the previous version, all we’ve gotta do is open this up and it should auto-start setting up.

There we are, let’s connect! Done. These are so clean. It feels like they have a more gentle pull out of the case. I don’t know how else to phrase that. Anytime I tell Siri to play me music, she always plays Third Eye Blind. Even in my home blog video, every single time, I be like, girl, play me some music, and she freaking plays Third Eye Blind. I mean, Third Eye Blind’s one of my favorite bands, so I’m absolutely into it. If you guys are wondering how to change the name of your Air Pod’s name, in case you’ve never done it before, you just have to go into your Bluetooth setting, click the eye, click the name, and you can change it there. Some of the things that are different in these new Air Pods is you’ll get a much faster connection.

So if you’re switching between your phone to your laptop, and your laptop to your phone, it should switch up to two times faster. Also, if you’re transferring a phone call from your phone to your Air Pods, it’ll also transfer 50% quicker. Something else that’s interesting is if you guys do play a lot of mobile games, you’ll have 30% less latency in the audio between your game and the audio from the game to your Air Pods. So 30% is actually a significant amount, if you think about it. You’ll have 50% more talk time and you’ll have, hey, S-I-R-I.

You can ask her to play a song, raise the volume, get directions, basically anything that you normally would be asking Siri to do. And of course, the biggest difference is the wireless charging case. So that’s something that we need to test out. I’ve got my little Mophie charger here. So we’re gonna plug this in. If you’re standing up or something, you might need to sit down because this is extremely riveting content right now.  I like half expected my entire world to just be flipped upside down, like it’d just start raining down confetti, money starts flowing from the air, a unicorn runs into my office, but my Air Pods are charging wirelessly. Do you wanna see it again?  Can you see it? Can you even see the freaking light? Let me turn this down. Look at that. So that’s a first look at the new Air Pods. I would love to know from you guys, do you have Air Pods, have you used Air Pods, do you want Air Pods? Does the wireless charging case now make you want these Air Pods even more? I’m not sure, these feel actually, do they feel heavier? I keep trying to find things that are different and I think that I sort of have these phantom thoughts in my mind.

Apple Watch Alternatives to gO FOR

It’s like when my Apple Watch isn’t on, I have phantom taps on my wrist. And I look, and there’s no Apple Watch there. So I think that might be what’s happening right now. There is nothing better than a nice new fresh Air Pods case. So this is my old case, it looks like it’s definitely been through some things. This is the new case. The back looks very similar. They moved the little Bluetooth button, though, up a little bit, just a little bit higher. Let’s flip these open. So here’s the new ones, there’s the old ones. I wanna try charging my old Air Pods in the new case. That’s also super exciting. So now, I think that the only thing left, I don’t even think I wanna say it because you guys know what I’m gonna say. Where is AirPower? Because I’m so ready for it at this point. One thing I do want to test is I would like to test and see if I can hear a difference.

This is a super scientific test right now. These definitely do connect faster. Ah, the new one’s connected. This is like a fun race. Whoa! I’m also working on a wrap-up video from the Apple event yesterday. I didn’t get a chance to film that last night because I got home so late. I would love to know what you guys thought of the Apple Event. They announced the Apple Car, the Apple TV Plus, Apple TV channels, Apple Arcade, Apple News Plus, all kinds of things.


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Fashion Trend for LADIES this 2019

Western trend and so last time I talked about the Western boots I think we saw a lot of Western type of boots cowboy boots really making its way into the fall season I’m still in love with those I’m gonna show you how I would use my red boots today but a lot of the stuff that’s coming back for Western

Best Dressing Styles for Ladies

Especially the springtime is fringe now this may not be something so totally new the fringe is super fun because when it comes to springtime a lot of festivals roll around this is a great way to dress up you’re gonna see them in a lot of skirts and dresses a lot of them in jackets like moto jackets and leather jackets and things like that if you’re into the cowboy boot trend a lot of times people think it’s super hard to wear but really it just treated like any other boot you would this is such a fun statement piece it’s different from your typical boot and that’s what makes it super fun if you were to go with a fringe jacket you would just basically use that as your accessory a lot of basics underneath it would be easy and easy way to dress it out alright second tryna want to talk about our bold colors now this is again nothing new at all especially when springtime rolls and we start to see a lot more color moving away from the darker colors into the more brighter colors a lot of neon started coming back also late into like fall season but I think we’re starting to be seeing me on a lot this year I’m not the biggest fan of Beyond but again if you were to try out that trend you would definitely want to dress it down because neon itself just speaks really loudly or you could try just bold colors in general so maybe not neon but just brighter hues red fuchsia

I think the easiest way to wear these colors is for like a resort where maybe you’re going on a vacation these types of colors are perfect for the beach and again if you do want to try color but you’re a little bit scared of too much color again dress it down pair it with things that are a little more toned down maybe a black blazer maybe a denim jacket maybe just pairing a brighter color top with plain jeans black pants things like that that way that kind of balance each other out okay third trend our florals florals is something that always always always makes its way back to spring summer time to me I feel like florals are always in no matter what because I feel like this past fall we saw a bunch of florals I was wearing a lot of florals for fall and the more we move away from the wintertime at the more these pastel colored florals are going to be coming into play obviously you can wear them any way you like pairing them with jeans wearing them to work you can really kind of wear a floral in any occasion and that’s what’s great about it all right next up I want to talk about khaki khaki is not just a color it is also like a military inspired type of clothing I think that’s kind of like the thought behind khaki we always look at khaki maybe for khaki pants for work that’s definitely something we’re taking from when it comes to the khaki trend maybe you think of heavier duty trench coats when you think of khaki and that is definitely the route that we’re going with this it’s definitely more masculine a lot of it is also military inspired but it’s also such a great neutral neutral color to pair with whites it looks clean it looks fresh especially going in the springtime or you can definitely still wear your fall items with it locks and things like that if you want more of like a darker look again it’s like bringing this old-school item that we used to see a lot back in the day making it new again you can definitely make it chic all right the next item I want to talk about is shimmer or sequins now I feel like these things are things that people are a little bit afraid of wearing on a normal day but I feel like we’re seeing more and more these types of shinier materials metallics and things like that obviously it was big for the holiday but I think the key here to using these shinier items is again to dress them down use them as layering pieces maybe under Blazers and jackets and things like that and again if you are going maybe to like a girls night out a nice dinner these are items that she would showcase make your accessory make it stand out super easy to wear to events like that because you just throw it on and you’re good to go you can tone them down by pairing it with jeans you could make it chic by pairing some trousers with it it’s definitely not something to be afraid of next trend is large hats now

I’m talking large oversized floppy hats not sure if you guys ever came across the picture that was kind of roaming around Instagram or the internet with this beautiful model woman just wearing this huge oversized like tan colored floppy hat and I think we saw a lot of that on the runway this past September so large rimmed wide brimmed hats are gonna be super popular great thing about a hat is that if even if you are afraid of wearing it just think of it as an accessory kind of like a necklace the thing that just kind of makes your completes your outfit you can wear the simplest thing maybe just like a button-down shirt with a pair of jean shorts throw in a hat you just automatically look so much more accessorized and put together I don’t have one of those wide brim floppy hats but I do have a newer one from lack of color that is dark brown and felt material and it’s pretty wide brimmed even for me that’s probably the largest in hat size that I would go and they look great in pictures alright next I want to talk about the puffy shoulders and I know I kind of talked a lot about it maybe even showed a lot of it in some of my videos from last year but I just love the puffy shoulders just because they’re so different and so unique and I feel like they make any outfit look all the more dressed up they look so cute in little crop tops maybe if you’re going on vacation like a beach tropical vacation or they look great long-sleeved pair them with some trousers and some Jeanne’s they’re just so bold and such a power-play when it comes to an outfit they really started making its way big time during this last autumn but they’re definitely here to stay super easy to wear any bottoms will go and that’s the great thing about it you can pair them with shorts skirts jeans trousers alright next I want to talk about pleats now whenever I think of pleats I think of kind of like schoolgirl but we’re gonna see a lot of that this year and I think they’re super fun the texture of them make it something different I have a pleated skirt that I’ve kept for so many years that I just always felt would come back and here they are now the pleats on my skirt are a little wider we’re gonna see a lot of like smaller thinner pleats coming around and I feel like the easiest way to wear pleats is in skirts because you could just throw on any top make it look more chic by throwing on like a cami and a blazer over it alright the next try to want to talk about I’m not quite sure how I feel about just yet it’s tie-dye now this is such a retro trend but I feel like we might be seeing it a lot especially come festival time you don’t have anything tie-dye to show you but I’m going to show you some pictures on how it may look chic so maybe if you’re on a vacation and you want to wear a maxi dress a tie-dye print could be appropriate and get chic wear it for a resort wear but again if you want to try the trend you’re also not sure about it same thing with the rest of them dress it down because tie-dye itself is already pretty loud and busy and a quick tip for trying any of these trends or any other trends that you want to try maybe you kind of like but you’re not so quite sure about is to start small don’t spend too much or don’t invest too much money on any one trend maybe go to a forever 21 see what you can find try it out and then if you see that you really love it then you can move on to more expensive items if you find one that you love that is more expensive alright lastly my 10th trend I want to talk about are shorts now you may be like okay that’s nothing new that’s not even a trend.

I’m talking more like preppy longer more practical wearing shorts last year we saw the biker short making it such a big bold statement and they’re kind of going away hopefully I’m not the biggest fan of it but for this year going into the summertime especially we’re gonna see longer shorts I myself I’m not used to shorts that are longer just because I’m already short but I am gonna try to embrace them I have a couple they’re not as long as what we’re talking about be from my height they’re more doable and here like me where you’re shorter and maybe some of these shorts are a little too long you could fold them at the bottom and add a belt that way it kind of fills up that space that there is with the longer short it’s not your typical jean short it’s not as casual as what a jean shirt will look like so you can use them to different parties or events and still look dressed up.

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