The Origin of Suar wood furniture

Furniture is an essential commodity that is integral to any establishment where human beings are supposed to spend their time. Be it an office space, or a grand mansion, if it is not well-furnished, it just doesn’t feel right. An empty building can come to life if it is fitted with the appropriate furniture that compliments the locale and setting. Talks about any type of furniture are incomplete without the mention of wooden furniture, that is widely popular since a time immemorial. Talks about wooden furniture are incomplete without the mention of the type of wood used.

From a number of choices available, picking the right raw wood is essential to finding the right piece of furniture for your requirements. A tree as tall as 25 metres and as wide as 40 metres, the Albizia Saman or the monkey pot is the source for Suar Wood, a variety of wood extensively used in South East Asian countries in the manufacturing of furniture. Tables, chairs, benches, mirror frames, as well as cupboards, are manufactured out of Suar Wood in countries like Singapore. In every part of the world, Suar Wood has popularised itself as the type of raw wood that is pocket-friendly as well an investment that one won’t regret in the future.

Suar Wood and its synonyms
Owing to its popularity all across the world, Suar Wood is called by different names in different parts of the world. In the United Kingdom, Suar Wood is often referred to as the Monkey Pod, the Giant Thibet, the Cow Tamarind, the East Indian Walnut, the Soar Wood as well as the Rain Tree.

The nomenclature of Suar Wood is extensive and varies intensively across the globe. In Indonesia, Suar Wood is also known as Kayu Suar, Kayu Meh and Kayu Tresembi. The Latin names for Suar Wood are Samanea Saman and Albizia Saman.

What makes Suar Wood special?
The biggest factor responsible for Suar Wood being preferred for making furniture is its durability. Suar wood falls in the category of hardwood. Natural decay, as well as dry wood termites, are highly unlikely to be found in furniture made of Suar Wood. Sizeable tables are widely made out of this type of wood, and due to its impressive wood grains and uncanny strength, it makes the ideal pick for dinner tables, conference tables, round tables and more. Compared to Mahagony, Suar Wood proves to be a more affordable option.

What kind of maintenance does Suar Wood require?
Along with a majestic finish, the grains of Suar Wood exhibit a unique texture that makes it pleasing to the eyes of craftsmen all the world. If the wood picked for making furniture is the optimum quality, maintenance associated with Suar Wood is almost non-existent. Soap and water alone can enable one to maintain the visible appeal of furniture made out of Suar Wood.

Is Suar Wood furniture customisable?
While buying a Suar Wood table from a furniture house, the power of customisation lies in the hands of the customer. Table designs can basically go as far as your imagination can. On the other hand, furniture houses have a few designs of their own to choose from as well. From choosing the table top to choosing the legs of the table, everything can be customised.

Suar Wood vs Teak Wood
The popularity of Teak Wood has not been a secret to anyone. The quality of the wooden furniture is often reaffirmed by the fact that it had been carved out of Teak Wood. Just like Suar Wood, Teak Wood is characterised as hardwood. However, a valuable question is, why has Teak Wood gained a reputation for being the premium standard for wooden furniture? The answer is quite straightforward, as just like Suar Wood, the wood grains of Teak Wood have a visually pleasing texture that is unique to them, and all in all, furniture carved out of Teak Wood simply looks stunning. On top of that, the durability of Teak Wood has lasted the test of time since ages.

The robust nature of Teak Wood makes for furniture that can last a couple of years without even the slightest hint of wear and tear. However, the features attributed to Teak Wood come along with a high price that has to be paid for them. With wood prices rising every year, furniture made out of Teak Wood isn’t expected to go any cheaper.

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However, Suar Wood, at the other hand, proves to be a more cost-effective alternative without making a significant compromise in quality. In fact, choosing Suar Wood for your furniture requirements is not a compromise at all. The natural finish, as well as the unique texture of the wood grains, make for elegant pieces of furniture that last for a considerably long period of time.

Suar Wood Table
Tables made out of Suar Wood have special measurements associated with them, and as a rule of thumb, the length is somewhere between 150 and 400 cm, the breadth falls in the range of 75-110 cm, and the height lies between 8 cm and 12 cm. With its special blackish brown fibre, Suar Wood leaves behind a clean and natural look to the furniture that is carved out of it. Compared to Teak Wood, it is easier to maintain as well. In a nutshell, Suar Wood is the ideal fit for carving out a Suar Wood Table for your workspace as well as home.

Based on your specific requirements, Suar Wood can be used to make different types of tables. With Suar Wood being widely used in Singapore, Suar Wood table Singapore isn’t hard to find. Carpentry workshops and factories located in Singapore make use of Suar Wood and extensively carve out tables on a daily basis, specifically catering to varied requirements of the customers. The vendors dealing in the manufacturing of Suar Wood furniture in furniture are approved by the ministry of forestry, and thus, the production of Saur Wood table Singapore is eco-friendly as well.