airpods 2 review

The All NEW AirPods 2 Review

Today we’re checking out the brand new Air Pods 2 that just came out. Now, they’re not technically calling these the Air Pods 2, they are calling them Air Pods, Wireless Charging Case. Granted, these are the second edition of the Air Pods, since they first were announced a few years ago. And it’s interesting because I don’t think I ever expected to like these as much as I have liked them.

So there’s now three versions of Air Pods that you can buy. This is the Air Pods with the wireless charging case and these are 199. You can get just regular Air Pods without a charging case for 159, or if you just wanna use your old Air Pods and just buy a wireless charging case, you can get that for 79 bucks. So really, there’s three different options for you. But today, we’re gonna be checking out the new Air Pods with the wireless charging case. Let’s open it up. It’s so nice to have a drawer over here now. I can just kinda get my things. I went with a green light today. That is an ode to the green LED charging light that they have on the front of the Air Pods now.

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They actually moved that light from the inside here to the front of the case. Which you’ll see here soon. This is really exciting. The one thing I will note is the Air Pods do kind of get really disgusting after a while, traveling and just ear goodness. And if you’re gonna tell me that your Air Pods are perfectly clean looking, whatever, you’re a mutant because I don’t believe it. First thing we have is, we’ve got our little booklet here. Air Pods. Some paperwork. I wonder if there’s a picture of AirPower in here anywhere. Too soon? No, it’s actually too late. ♪ Too late for the jive ♪ ♪ It’s too late ♪ So here they are. You can see the light that they moved to the front. When I first open, the little light is searching for my phone. Okay, where the heck is my phone? Much like the previous version, all we’ve gotta do is open this up and it should auto-start setting up.

There we are, let’s connect! Done. These are so clean. It feels like they have a more gentle pull out of the case. I don’t know how else to phrase that. Anytime I tell Siri to play me music, she always plays Third Eye Blind. Even in my home blog video, every single time, I be like, girl, play me some music, and she freaking plays Third Eye Blind. I mean, Third Eye Blind’s one of my favorite bands, so I’m absolutely into it. If you guys are wondering how to change the name of your Air Pod’s name, in case you’ve never done it before, you just have to go into your Bluetooth setting, click the eye, click the name, and you can change it there. Some of the things that are different in these new Air Pods is you’ll get a much faster connection.

So if you’re switching between your phone to your laptop, and your laptop to your phone, it should switch up to two times faster. Also, if you’re transferring a phone call from your phone to your Air Pods, it’ll also transfer 50% quicker. Something else that’s interesting is if you guys do play a lot of mobile games, you’ll have 30% less latency in the audio between your game and the audio from the game to your Air Pods. So 30% is actually a significant amount, if you think about it. You’ll have 50% more talk time and you’ll have, hey, S-I-R-I.

You can ask her to play a song, raise the volume, get directions, basically anything that you normally would be asking Siri to do. And of course, the biggest difference is the wireless charging case. So that’s something that we need to test out. I’ve got my little Mophie charger here. So we’re gonna plug this in. If you’re standing up or something, you might need to sit down because this is extremely riveting content right now.  I like half expected my entire world to just be flipped upside down, like it’d just start raining down confetti, money starts flowing from the air, a unicorn runs into my office, but my Air Pods are charging wirelessly. Do you wanna see it again?  Can you see it? Can you even see the freaking light? Let me turn this down. Look at that. So that’s a first look at the new Air Pods. I would love to know from you guys, do you have Air Pods, have you used Air Pods, do you want Air Pods? Does the wireless charging case now make you want these Air Pods even more? I’m not sure, these feel actually, do they feel heavier? I keep trying to find things that are different and I think that I sort of have these phantom thoughts in my mind.

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It’s like when my Apple Watch isn’t on, I have phantom taps on my wrist. And I look, and there’s no Apple Watch there. So I think that might be what’s happening right now. There is nothing better than a nice new fresh Air Pods case. So this is my old case, it looks like it’s definitely been through some things. This is the new case. The back looks very similar. They moved the little Bluetooth button, though, up a little bit, just a little bit higher. Let’s flip these open. So here’s the new ones, there’s the old ones. I wanna try charging my old Air Pods in the new case. That’s also super exciting. So now, I think that the only thing left, I don’t even think I wanna say it because you guys know what I’m gonna say. Where is AirPower? Because I’m so ready for it at this point. One thing I do want to test is I would like to test and see if I can hear a difference.

This is a super scientific test right now. These definitely do connect faster. Ah, the new one’s connected. This is like a fun race. Whoa! I’m also working on a wrap-up video from the Apple event yesterday. I didn’t get a chance to film that last night because I got home so late. I would love to know what you guys thought of the Apple Event. They announced the Apple Car, the Apple TV Plus, Apple TV channels, Apple Arcade, Apple News Plus, all kinds of things.


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