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Top Three websites to find Affordable Flights

Today many of us suffer to find cheap flights for our next destination. All the additional charges and handling cost boosts up the ticket prices further which is out of means for most of us out there. So, I have worked out a bit to find you the finest three websites you should look for when booking your next air ticket online.

Where to Find the Best Deal for Travel

You should always cross check between websites at a time to grab the best deal. They can be a saver for all the budget conscious travelers out there. Each site has its plus points. When it comes to Google Flights, It has an unmatched speed which comes in handy for the impatient lot. Kayak, on the other hand, is reliable and steady. As far as DealRay is concerned, it caters to all the spur-of-the-moment travelers who make their plans at the last possible moment.

Best VPN for Online Shopping

You all must have gone through sites like Expedia and Airfarewatchdog. But there are other and better websites which offer the best possible market price amidst competition. So, let us go through some of the benefits of using these three sites.


The main selling point of Google Flights is that it is lightning fast. The price comparison is made with a speed of Flash. This is by far the fastest flight site in the market right now. It is equally quick to respond even if you open it your smartphone.

One needs to submit the travel destination, date of departure and return (if applicable), the number of tickets, and class of seats (economy, premium economy, business, or first class) and the website will quickly filter your results. There are more filters available like a number of stops or non – stop flight, duration of the flight, preferred airlines, price range, etc.

When you are traveling at the last possible moment and want a decent price on the ticket, then just select the green colored price which is highlighted by the website as it is the best deal regarding price and flight duration. This is the Google Flights Best Pick option.

If you are not stubborn with your dates of travel, then you can opt for flexible dates which will help you get the best possible price to your destination which can help you save big bucks. Google Flights also provides a notification at the top of the screen highlighting cheaper rates on different dates around your time of travel. It also has a feature known as Price Graph which lets one see the potential rates of the flights around a year so that you can opt for the most affordable one.



If you are one of those people who just look at just one site to book their flight, in that scenario, Kayak will be your best companion. It provides low flight prices, regardless of round trip or a one-way ticket only.

Like the Google Flights, you have to enter your travel place, dates and desired cabin class and the site will sort out the available options for you. It’s comparatively slow in comparison to Google Flights. You can utilize price alerts feature of the site which will notify you via your email address about any price drops.



It keeps you notified through SMS about the best deals to any destination in the world every day or two. It won’t give a particular place rather any random destination. You need to take a monthly membership of ten dollars to get started. It is for the ones who are open to travel to any place at any time.

Hence, limit your flight search to these three websites only, and you will have the best flight rates in no time!