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Treating your Ingrown Toenail a Different way

How can it treat ingrown toenails?

You apply the ultra-thin ingrown toenail support to your nail. The support acts like a smoothed spring. At the point when it’s attached to the bended surface of your toenail it applies a delicate power that fixes the nail. Weight from the side of the toenail is disposed of.

Is it a lasting ingrown toenail treatment?

Truly. Studies demonstrate that following our arrangement and legitimately administering to your toenails after treatment keeps ingrown toenails from returning for 92% of clients. Legitimate toenail trimming and wearing shoes that permit enough space for your toes will help anticipate repeat.

Will it settle MY ingrown toenail?

Indeed. Unless your toenail is thick it will give finish treatment of difficult ingrown toenails and drastically enhance the presence of your toes. Thickened or inflexible toenails are impervious to the remedial powers of the toenail prop.

Does it require unique care?

No. You can approach your typical exercises inside a couple of minutes of applying the ingrown toenail prop. Ladies can apply nail clean finished the prop, however on the grounds that the support is so thin and straightforward it’s about undetectable against your toenail.

To what extent does treatment take?

Ingrown toenail torment is diminished promptly and disposed of by the primary week. Unending sufferers ought to apply another toenail prop month to month through a total nail regrowth cycle, while for others only 1-2 applications are sufficient. CurveCorrect contains 10 toenail props.

Is it safe?

Truly. This treatment is referred to medicinally as Orthonyxia or ingrown toenail propping. It’s drilled worldwide by doctors and nail experts. There’s no cutting, drugs or harmful chemicals included. The toenail support can be expelled whenever.

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