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Terms you need to know when buying products on Aliexpress

Aliexpress is the retail e-commerce arm of Alibaba and one of the best e-commerce sites in the world with a wide variety of products.

Best Products to shop on Aliexpress

So what are the different statuses of an Aliexpress Order?

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In the image above we’ve marked the important aspects of an Aliexpress Order.

After Signing in, you can check out my orders. And in your orders section you can see

  • Order Number

Entering your order number, you will be able to find out the status of your product

  • Tracking Number

Entering the tracking number you will be able to find out the shipment status of your product.

The next is to check the status of your products. If you click on the status dropdown, you can see the following options.

frozen order aliexpress

Awaiting Payment

This is when the order has been placed, but the amount hasn’t been paid yet.

Awaiting Cancellation

This is when the buyer asks the seller to cancel the order

Awaiting Shipment

Order that has been paid for, but waiting for it to be shipped

Partial Shipment

Sometimes products are shipped from the factory to the seller and to you. So when the product has been shipped from the factory to the seller then it is a partial shipment.

Awaiting Delivery

The customer’s order has been shipped, and is on the way

Pending Operation Success

This is right before the order being completed and after delivery.

Order Completed

An order that has been completed successfully.

Dispute orders

When you start a dispute on an order.

Payment not yet confirmed

This is after payment has been made and Aliexpress is waiting for the confirmation of the money received.

Payment being verified

This is when Aliexpress is checking if your payment is legitimate or not

Frozen Order

The Frozen Order is what we are talking about in this article and why an order might be frozen.

Reason 1 :

The Seller is being investigated by the Aliexpress team for partaking in unsafe activities on the store in terms of selling.

Reason 2:

For a brief period where the customer’s payment is being verified, the order maybe frozen.

Reason 3:

When a dispute is raised by you and the Aliexpress team is in the process of correcting the problem, they will freeze the order. At this point they won’t pay the seller till the problem is resolved.

Reason 4:

When Aliexpress is in the process of closing a seller’s store or account then the orders are frozen. If the store has been permanently or closed for a brief time, all the orders in the frozen status will be refunded to the customers.

Aliexpress takes a lot of responsibility and have built a system which is fool proof and that protects both the buyer and seller from fraud. Aliexpress is one of the few e-commerce companies that have a wide range of statuses that cover every situation. This is why they have been successful as an international e-commerce company.

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